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5 definitions by ya mam

posh fuckers use this word instead of scone
i say there dear boy would you like a scon
by ya mam May 18, 2004
6 9
when something is beyond all greatness and the excitment is all out the sound comes to mind and satisfaction is achived
"well sound!"
by ya mam December 02, 2003
16 19
Its kinda like when somebady tells you something that is totally irrelevant or just plain faggish, you reply 'bov face?'.(shortened version of 'Bothered face'
Person1: "You know what, I like cheese"

Person "bov face?"
by ya mam May 23, 2004
4 8
what you looking at?
ya mam!
who's gay ?
ya mam !
by ya mam October 25, 2003
24 39
Limmer, Pop and Naomi. We are geeks. And proud.
"Here come the geeks"
by Ya mam May 22, 2003
9 25