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The Fucking Truth. Used to show an extreme case of similar opinions. Basically a one-up of QFT. Usage of a period gives the idea that the opinion is a fact.
"Megadeth completely annihalates the Jonas Brothers"

by yCoRrUpT? September 08, 2009
In a game, when a character jumps from an elevated position and hits another character on the landing, usually leading to annihilation. A cool way to kill.
*player 1 kills player 2*


*player 2 rage quits*
by yCoRrUpT? November 30, 2009
Something really overused on Youtube signifying that instead of just one part of the song/video being great, the whole song/video is. X:XX is for the total length of the song.
1: yo i really love that part starting from 1:52 - 2:05

2: well i like it from 0:00 to 5:01!!! (0:00 - X:XX)

1: csb
by yCoRrUpT? June 27, 2010
A feeling of annoyance felt when listening to a song that you've listened to before. It occurs when you know a sound will begin to get louder from silence, so you kind of imagine the sound being played in your head even though it hasn't begun in the song yet. Eventually you realize the sound hasn't actually begun gaining volume, and when it does begin you convince yourself that it doesn't.
I had clairannoyance to that Daft Punk song. I thought the vocals were starting to gain volume but it turns out it was 2 minutes later in the song.
by yCoRrUpT? December 26, 2009

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