1 definition by y in teh w0rld woudju c4re?

When a guy spreads out his a$$hole with his hands as far as it will will stretch.
Really gross.
Sadly, it's normally one of the first things someone sees on the internet, whether they get emailed it as a joke (It says "Click here for cute bunny pictures" when it's actually goatse) or they just stumble apon it.
It supposidly is a fetish for some. But, you just gotta think "Who the eff likes that?" since it's so gross.

NOTE: If you're reading this because you don't know what goatse is, DON'T google it! You'll be scarred for LIFE!!
Guy1: *Opens email from Guy2*
Guy2: *Laughs to himself, knowing that Guy1 is probably reading his email*
Guy1: *Clicks on link from Guy2's email that says "Click 4 pix of hot chick*
Guy1: *Sees pix of Goatse* EAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! *Gags*
by y in teh w0rld woudju c4re? April 24, 2009

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