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Frerard is a noun used to describe a pairing of Frank Iero and Gerard Way. Usually, this term relates to slash (homosexual) fanfiction prose or poetry, but can apply to any fan-made creation, such as video tributes, pictures and slideshows, drawings, etc.

Frerard supporters believe that Mr. Iero and Mr. Way have harbored secret feelings for eachother but have done very little to hide their passions. The most classic example of their beliefs is a moment in the music video "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)," where Frank kisses Gerard on the cheek.

Anti-Frerardists believe the two have a mutual, brotherly love that has no sexual desire or romantic intention. Evidence to support this fact includes a segment from an interview, in which Frank states his opinion of MCR fanfiction by explaining that despite its good-natured creativity, he would prefer it if fans would "stop making us have sex with eachother."
Most Frerard fanfiction is rated NC-17 for explicit content.

Did you write another Frerard?

"Frerard" is the combination of "Frank" and "Gerard"s' names.
by xzeldaxtwilightx January 26, 2007

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