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Ehren McGhehey (aka Danger Ehren) is aa member of the Jackass Crew. Ehren was an Oregan citizen who was introduced to Jeff Tremaine in 2000. Ehren's first skit on Jackass was "Fast Food Football."

Ehren is usually the butt of the jokes, mainly for being the one who always wears safety gear, has a missing tooth (that gets knocked out or pulled out time after time after time), and he's still a virgin.
Ehren's slogan "Safety First" has and always be the most useful saying in the whole world.
Despite his annoying, sissy nature, Ehren is the most well mannered, polite of the Jackass crew, which is most likely why the rest of the Jackass crew puts up with him.
"I don't get as much respect as I would like, but I probably don't deserve that much respect, because, like I said, I am probably the most annoying person you will ever meet." Ehren McGhehey on Jackass: Where Are They Now?
by xzdico November 11, 2010
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