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17 definitions by xxyuli

You have a voice when you breathe out and your vocal chords vibrate, producing sound, and eventually speech. People have different tones of voice. With a voice you can sing, speak, yell, whine, or hum.
That singer has a really nice voice.
by xxYuli May 24, 2006
35 39
Noun- A blog/site that is loaded with so much foreign material, it refuses to function properly. Some examples of blogspam are 'dollz', pixelated animations from other sites, javascript that says 'Hey wut^ commaent mai site plz thx', around 5-10 'joke' links that send you to a Keep Clicking site, chain letters, quizzes, and music videos.
Man, I went to Kelly's site and she had so much blogspam that my browser crashed.
by xxYuli February 28, 2006
29 62
An incredibly false and offensive movie to those of Kazakhstan/Soviet origin.
Borat? Refuse to be fed by social propaganda.
by xxyuli June 02, 2007
50 204