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An individual who is specifically noted for having the majority of their wardrobe consist of clothes from Hollister Co., and is notoriously referred to as a prep. They own a lot of pre-ripped jeans, seashell necklaces, big sunglasses, and tight polo-style shirts. They usually wear flip-flops; have an iPod mini; and like to drink, party, and go to the beach often. Despite the misconception of them being air-headed and not socializing with "non-Hollister kids", the majority of them are quite intelligent and have a diverse group of friends. The girls are usually hot, blond, and very tan.
Guy 1: Where do you sit during lunch?
Guy 2: Outside on the benches, next to the Hollister kids.
Guy 1: I hate Hollister kids. They're such ignorant jerks.
Guy 2: Whatever.

by xxsupremexx January 31, 2006

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