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someone who shits the damn bed....
"doood that heroin addict just shit the bed"

"yeah... hes a fucking bed shitter."
by xxpure_evilxx September 02, 2009
A mostly Mexican (but includes the occasional confused white kid) street gang based in Northern California. Although this is a predominately Mexican gang, most members tend to act like African Americans or Afrikano's like they call them when they actually try to sound like a real Mexican. The only time a Northerner ever acts like a real Mexican is when they are talking to white people.

History: The California prison system was once home to one Mexican gang called La Eme of which most incarcerated Mexican were involved in. Then one Mexican from Northern California stole a pair of Converse from a Southern Mexican causing the gand to split into 2 factions... the Nortenos and the Surenos.

"Man that Mexican sure acts like a n*gger!"

"Oh, he must be a Norteno."
by xxpure_evilxx October 19, 2008
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