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short for "what the hell" or "what the fuck". a rove-ism.
"I think Vanessa Amarosi has a hot ass"
"What the?!"
by xxoo May 14, 2003
Contrary to popular belief (above) pop music is not short for Lollypop music but Popular music. Pop Music = Popular Music, basically rendering a lot of "alternative music" IE Nirvana, to be Pop, and a lot of rock music like the beatles (or nirvana) to not only be rock music, but also pop music. Sorry people.

"pop" is deemed to mean more than popular to record copanies, they see it as an actual type of music, a particular sound. A money-making sound. Don't confuse yourself thinking you dont like "pop" music though.
"I am Britney Spears, I sell records, I am a pop artist*"

(*please note if she referred to herself as an artist in my presence i would donkey punch her)

"Hi Im Jake Teblaauznikov, I am an overweight 30 year old Russian man. I make music inspired by Britney Spears, basically exactly the same to her music, but noones heard of me and noone buys my record, I am not a pop artist"
by xxoo May 14, 2003
Little kid insult. Lovechild of Wanker and Einstein.
Guy 1: "You're quite a wankstein did you know that man?"
Guy 2:"Wankstein? What are ya?"
by xxoo May 14, 2003
a quality in ones balls that makes them very easily jacked.

(see: jackulent)
why may i jack your jackable balls?
by xxoo May 15, 2003
Degrading nickname for shortest member of your grooup of friends.
hey hobitch wanna go see a movie?
by xxoo May 15, 2003
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