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1.)A term sometimes used to express happy, exited, emotions.
2.)A term sometimes used when someone is impressed by another.
3.)Ocasionally used when a person has been disrespected.
1.)"Dude! Did you see how I won the match last night? That was br00tal!"
"Sir. Did you see how I won the match the other night? It was very grand."

2.)"Holy Shit Man! That was a br00tal kill!"
"Oh golly gee. I was quite impressed by the way you executed the other player."

3.)Person 1: "Shut the fuck up! Your ugly, and fat. No wonder the chick doesn't like you! No one could ever Like you!"
Person 2: "Man... that was br00tal..."
Person 1: "Please be quite now. You are overweight, and have some excess skin. I can see why the women do not care for you. I don't believe any person could ever care for you."
Person 2: "I found that rather offensive..."
by xxlivefasttxx February 12, 2009
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