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"give back what is mine"
can be addressed to a person or can be used as a noun, referring to the event or the person.

said by women trying to get back their possessions from a guy, who has either stolen them or kept them for a long time, these possessions usually being very feminine, with the suggestion that the guy might be using them. the guy is generally a dandy as the phrase is taken from a passage by Ovid in his Ars Amatoria:

"Sed vitate viros cultum formamque professos,

Quique suas ponunt in statione comas.
Quae vobis dicunt, dixerunt mille puellis: 435

Errat et in nulla sede moratur amor.
Femina quid faciat, cum sit vir levior ipsa,

Forsitan et plures possit habere viros?
Vix mihi credetis, sed credite: Troia maneret,

Praeceptis Priamo si foret usa satae. 440
Sunt qui mendaci specie grassentur amoris,

Perque aditus talis lucra pudenda petant.
Nec coma vos fallat liquido nitidissima nardo,

Nec brevis in rugas lingula pressa suas:
Nec toga decipiat filo tenuissima, nec si 445

Anulus in digitis alter et alter erit.
Forsitan ex horum numero cultissimus ille

Fur sit, et uratur vestis amore tuae.
'Redde meum!' clamant spoliatae saepe puellae,

'Redde meum!' toto voce boante foro. "

Avoid those men who profess to looks and culture,
who keep their hair carefully in place.
What they tell you they’ve told a thousand girls:
their love wanders and lingers in no one place.
Woman, what can you do with a man more delicate than you,
and one perhaps who has more lovers too?
You’ll scarcely credit it, but credit this: Troy would remain,
if Cassandra’s warnings had been heeded.
Some will attack you with a lying pretence of love,
and through that opening seek a shameful gain.
But don’t be tricked by hair gleaming with liquid nard,
or short tongues pressed into their creases:
don’t be ensnared by a toga of finest threads,
or that there’s a ring on every finger.
Perhaps the best dressed among them all’s a thief,
and burns with love of your finery.
‘Give it me back!’ the girl who’s robbed will often cry,
‘Give it me back!’ at the top of her voice in the cattle-market.

the redde meum usually takes place the day of the walk of shame, so that the woman, with her cold materialism, might pretend as if nothing happened.

it can also take place when the woman is freaking out that the guy has severed ties, and the woman leaves something of hers purposely the night before

finally, it can take place when the guy is just being a douche and has deliberately stolen something post-severing ties. the woman does this, not only to get her shit back, but also to embarrass him (with possibly a hint of feeling still left).
"redde meum. i want my knickers back"

"omg i had to go through the worst redde meum with that fucker. he tried to steal my belt!"

"oh man, that bitch is such a redde meum. she just keeps nagging me to give her her shit back."
by xxlatinavivitxx2k4 May 04, 2009
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