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Cystic Fibrosis is a disorder of the cell membranes, causing them to produce too much mucus, and so this tends to block up the lungs, making it difficult for the person to breathe. People with this condition often have to have breathing exercises to shift excess mucus. It can be inherited if two recessive genes are combined.
Cystic Fibrosis mainly affects the Lungs, gut and Pancreas.
by xx_Christina_xx March 05, 2006
Huntingtons Disease is a degenerative brain disorder, which affects the nervous system. It is a disorder which causes a rapid decrease of brain cells. People with Huntingtons Disease can suffer from Tremors, Writhing and it can sometimes lead to Dementia (loss of sanity). Unfortunately, only one Huntingtons gene has to be inheritied sor someone to suffer with the condition. So far there is no cure.
It is advisible that people have their Genes checked early on for Huntingtons disease, as most people only find out they have it in their 40's-50's.
by xx_Christina_xx March 05, 2006
It is mainly found in people of an asian origin. Sickle Cell anaemia is a gentic disorder of the red blood Cells. The red Blood cells pass oxygen around the body. Normal red blood cells are a bi-concave shape, whereas people with sickle cell anaemia have some cells which are shaped like cresents. Due the abnormal shape, the deformed cells are less officient at carrying oxygen and get stuck in the blood vessels. This stops the other cells from passing oxygen around the body, causing the sufferer pain, particularly in the muscle joints. Sickle Cell can be inherited if two recessive genes are combined together
Sickle Cell Anaemia can be a very painful condition.
by xx_Christina_xx March 05, 2006
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