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that annoying thing on my face which repulses any female in a ten mile radius, and also is causing life to be a living hell ..... yay
chris has a very big forehead .. and is hence called forehead ... stupid forehead
by xxRosscorexx May 01, 2004
an unpopular person, living in the north west region of surrey, with an abnormally enlarged forehead. A common cause of blindness due to extreme sunlight reflection. A general repulsion of the opposite sex......what the hell were the parents thinking
Chris, a big big big big foreheaded goon
by xxRosscorexx May 01, 2004
Hi im a townie......some one please put me out of my scum bag un-educated going nowhere in life misery and shoot me in the head with the biggest gun you can find.
Im really cool, i cant fight without 6-10 of my mates, to take on one guy so ill throw some food on him.... owwie such pain. oh no not paint you might stain my school clothes..... cunt you think we care, from the eternal sayings of the 4hed JUST DIE
by xxRossCorexx April 30, 2004
the act of hard passionate penertration within a hot shower
wana come round for some shower power
by xxRosscorexx May 04, 2004
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