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Any person that decides to strike a man in the nether region aka his nuts, balls, sack.
Jenna was fooling around with Jimbo when she decided to strike him in the nuts. Jenna is now labeled a Testicular Terrorist.
#balls #sack #nuts #testes #hit in the balls
by xxHouse82xx December 04, 2014
The loud obnoxius person in the office that does not know they are the loud obnoxius person. Also chews gum with their mouth open and is very annoying to everyone in the office environment.
"Have you met the new girl Annie today, Bob?" "Yeah, you mean that office donkey she's one annoying bitch.
#donkey #office donkey #swamp donkey #office space #office
by xxHouse82xx April 18, 2011
Douche Purse is the same meaning but is referred as the female version of the term "douche bag".
"Katie is such a douche purse. I hate it when she uses my curling iron."
#douche purse #douche #douche bag #dp #db
by xxHouse82xx July 11, 2013
When you hear a news report and they describe a suspect as wearing dark clothing, as in he was wearing a black mask, black jacket, and black pants. This is what you call the Urban Tuxedo. Similar to that of a Canadian Tuxedo when an individual is wearing jeans and a jeans top.
Johnny Cash was the Originator of the Urban Tuxedo "The Man in Black"
#urban #tuxedo #black #dark #urban tuxedo
by xxHouse82xx July 11, 2013
A golf ball size amount of snot that is hacked up from the deepest part of your lungs. Similar to a loogie but with much more mass. A lung bomb can be considered as a lethal weapon in some States. The lung bomb will consist of thick mucus that is green, yellow and black in color. The blackness is either from a smokers lung or from dried up blood in the nasal cavities.
While on top of the Empire State Building:

Johnny: Hey let's drop some loogies off the side of this beast and get the people down below.
Rich: Hell yeah if I'm lucky I might be able to spew up a lung bomb for those suckers down below.
Johnny: Man I feel sorry for the sucker that get's nailed by that.
#loogie #lung #bomb #booger #snot #snot rocket
by xxHouse82xx March 27, 2012
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