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2 definitions by xxGODxx

When you are walking with your girl down the street and you starting fingering her. It is basically fingering a girl while walking
P1- dude i didnt see you get anything from your girl 2nite
P2- haha man i pulled the walking finger
by xxGODxx August 17, 2008
pronuced (text)-(sasm)

When someone makes a sarcastic comment thru a text message/IM that no one catchs because its text.
(Guy 1)- "hey dudee wanna go to the movies."

(Guy 2)- "nooooooo of coursee not."

(Guy 1)- "oh alrightt then...."

(Guy 2)- chilll man just some textcasm, i wanna go.
by xxGODxx September 17, 2009