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1. One of the many reasons why teenagers do drugs.

2. A person whose dreadlocks make him look incredibly smelly and in need of a shower, desperately.

3. Someone who sings/raps/talks (whatever the hell Lil Wayne does) like a cat with 30 coat hangers stuck in his throat, the majority of which have been in your mothers no-no spot.

4. Somebody who probably has their Xbox Live gamertag something along the lines of "x420Weed4Lyfe420x"

5. Someone that makes you question whether their speaking English or not because their "more gooder grammar" makes you want to gouge your own eyes out and squeeze limes into the cavities of which they used to be in.
"Yo, you wanna Lil' Wayne it up with me and smoke some an obscene amount of weed?"

"DUDE take a shower, you're starting to Lil' Wayne."

"Wow stop singing dude, your voice is Lil' Wayne."

"Wow, I came over your house to play Xbox with you, and your gamertag is THAT Lil' Wayne?! I'm leaving."

2nd Grade English Teacher - "I'm sorry, but I had to give your grammar quiz an F."

You - "Ay, yo, why?"

English Teacher - "Because you're Lil' Wayne."
by xxFarmingtonxx October 21, 2010
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