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1 definition by xxCrunked Upxx

When you've had so much to drink, you literally cannot function in a social situation. Sometimes victims possess the knowledge that they have indeed drank too much, sometimes the situation is known only by your peers. The words "Im so wasted" or " I shouldnt be here" frequent the victim. The next day, one will not remember anything that happened during the event.
Guy 1 (Sober): Sup Homie?
Guy 2 (Hammered Still): (scratchy throat) Ugh wtf you calling me for?
Guy 1: You was crazy drunk last night fool. Its 4:00 in the afternoon.
Guy 2: What? How'd I end up sleeping on this countertop?
Guy Sober: You were f*cking nutz last night, Im not suprised you blacked out.
by xxCrunked Upxx January 10, 2008