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Someone who ignorantly hates abercrombie and fith and co. (abercrobmie kids, Hollister) for dumb reasons such as "it's too expensive" (it's not), "it's lame, everyone wears it", etc. Just because you don't like it and wouldn't wear it doesn't mean you have to trash it and hate on it. It's just clothes, don't like it deal, don't complain!

Also someone who insists on saying "ambercrombie" there is no M

to see prime examples of anti-crombieists check the tags
anti-crombieist: "Abercrombie is so dumb, only stuck up snobs wear it!"

prep: "Quit hating, I don't trash your hot topic clothes! You have your style and I have mine.
by xx3VanityKills March 12, 2006
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