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An act in which you lust or love someone and you act flirty and silly, sometimes playing stupid. You become blinded by what is reality versus your fantasy. Being lovey usually consists of; holding hands, long romantic kisses, cautious or careful or gently touching as if they are fragile, being adorable or cute, making everyone jealous because you share something special or unique.
Ayla: "I wish my boyfriend would hold me an be all lovey like that."
by xx05fallen08angel11xx April 30, 2012
An intense and passionate feeling, typically shared by two beings of the opposite sex, sometimes the same. You have hot romantic sex after a date, usually a movie or candlelit dinner or picnic by a lake or at a park. They fight only because they are possessive over each other and very protective. You don't care about the gifts or looks. To him she is a princess and to her he is her prince. He "shows her off" even on her worst hair day because she is his pride and joy and they do not judge each other, even on their darkest hour. They can lay in bed completely naked and have any opportunity to be sexual but the choose to lay and cuddle till they fall asleep. You trust your partner enough to fall asleep in each others arms. When one or the other is sick you take care of each other. They might fight or scream but at the end of the day when they lay in bed, they know that what they feel is true and they are going to hold onto it.
Mikayla: "Did you see Jarell and Holly walking down the hall being all lovey and cute?"

Josie: "Yeah, I'm so jealous of the love the share!!! They will never split up."

Jillian: "Jarell really doesn't love me, he love's that hoe, Holly."

Ayla: "Tell me about it, he dated us at the same time for two weeks, turns out it was really not love, just lust."
by xx05fallen08angel11xx April 30, 2012

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