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Ghetto trash band from Mexico that performs in aggrotech/terror ebm genre, whose video had been banned for copyright infringement since they can't produce anything original. The band thrives on imagery of misogyny, proudly singing about rape and murder of weak women and other abuses of women, speaking from the point of view of that macho/muchacho who is doing it, portraying this as good and justified thing and promoting extreme hatred of females. Band members had adopted fake names to appear more German or European--such as "Airkrag" and "Erik", since industrial music is viewed as dominated by Western Europeans. The Hocico band members project the image of lowlife thugs that apparently had been derived from their real life in ghettos of Mexico city (at least according to their official info).
--What's that homeless dude is doing here, did he come for some trash?

--No, that's Hocico singer about to go on stage
by xvxxx October 05, 2009

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