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shorten'd word for iggnoreing
ayo y was u igg'n mah calls?
by xvpnysn0bvx December 28, 2004
shortened or expanded phonetic way of writing. Yah we use our brains more then we actually think when we type "our way".
any thing with the "oi" sound ex: boy becomes boi
"ph" words become f ex: phonetic - fonetic
words that en in en become 'n
any word that sounds like a letter uses that letter
ur- your/you are
yah yeah- yes
nah- no/know
maybeeh- maybe
meeh- me
no- know
r- are
dis- this/disrespect
dat- that
dae- they/day
mah- my
sekci sexE- sexy
sry- sorry
wlx- welcome
tnx- thank you
wha- what
pnoy- pinoy
pnay- pinay
pny- pinay
boi- boy
mztisa- mistissa
flip- filipino
chink- chinese
spic/k- spanish/latino
fone- phone
hea- here
ida no- i don't know
oic- oh i see
bby- baby
ma- mom/my
by xvpnysn0bvx December 28, 2004
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