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2 definitions by xvjfxvzf

There are no women on the internet.

Anyone who claims to be a woman is really a man.
Anyone who claims to be a man is really a boy
Anyone who claims to be a boy is really a girl.
Anyone who claims to be a girl is really a Police officer.
"Hey man i just met this great chick on the internet." "dude don't you watch TV she's probably a guy!" -Dominics Law
by xvjfxvzf February 12, 2009
A tactic in the Halo game series.
A player stands in front of a wall and throws a plasma granade at the wall, the grenade bounces off and sticks to the player. the player then runs into the enemy base thereby blowing up himself and everyone inside.
It is coustomary to yell "alalalalalala" when doing this tactic.

Although the name of this move is considered racist, it still sucessfully conveys the action taken and is the best phrase to convey the act.
"jerry just blew up the whole red base"
"yeah, he pulled a muslim"

- the results of pulling a muslim
by xvjfxvzf October 04, 2010