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a giant asshole on ice. doesn't want to get hit, the NHL commish gives him a never ending bj. no rule is broken when it comes to this little queer. want to fight him, sorry, he'll call one of his goons(a real player willing to throwdownthats all they do) like Cooke to fight you and he'll hide.
Hockey fight! Hockey fight! Prust is calling out Sidney Crosby! Where the hell did Matt Cooke come from?
by xtremlylucky December 27, 2010
a country that gets all this heat from Europe for some wierd reason(who cares if Canada talks smack they have never done shit). well, we have a large part of our military in Europe so basically we are their protector, our economy went down theirs went down even harder(kinda says they are dependent on us). if you hate America, blame England because they sent the ultra religious Puritans here(they are europe's sterotypical american) and then when it came time to fight, the then most powerful country lost..... to a bunch of farmers. if you hate America, shutup you little panzy fag because you are hiding in Europe and won't say that here. yes we have problems, but then again everyone does
America is so stupid
---- come over here and say that
No I'm good
by xtremlylucky May 28, 2011
The most popular sport in America. Requires a unique skill set foe every position. It requires strength, speed, precision, smarts, and more heart than any other team sport. Criticized by European pansy fucks(mostly of the soccer kind) because of the pads. The pads do little to protect me, the sticker on my helmet pretty much says "There's a good chance of death today." To all the fucking people who say the pads are gay put them on and say American football sucks put on the pads and say that to James Harrison and Clay Matthews. 1 of 2 will happen:
1) you will shit your pants, cry, and beg for your pussy soccer ball
2) you will cease to exist
Soccer douche(with his girlfriend): pads are gay, American football sucks
me: fuck you say!
soccer douche: pads are gay i will put them on and so you American
"i lay him out and make him concuss"
me: fuck you pansy motherfucker(take his girl)
soccer douche: "crying"
me: faggot
by xtremlylucky February 15, 2011
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