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one of the greatest American creations ever. Bugs has opinions and always makes fun of people. His most famous line is Eh... What up Doc? Bugs has an NYC accent, which makes the way he talks funnier
Eh... What Up Doc?
I knew I shoulda taken that left toin at Albukoikee.
Of course you realize, this means war!
Ain't I a stinker!
What a maroon!
(all Bugs Bunny catch phrases)
#bugs bunny #warner brothers #nyc accent #rabbit #awesome
by xtremlylucky December 29, 2010
a country that for some reason hates america and america hates them back. i have two major issues with this country
1) they think that they saved us from the British during the revolution... wrong. they only helped us after seeing that we were for real and then decided to help and to rub it it England's face.
2) they treat us like shit even though we pretty much sent many young men to their deaths on DDay. to all french assholes that think America sucks go to Normandy, look for the American flag and then look at all the white gravestones, that was from one day of fighting to free you guys from hitler's reich.
French guy: (with that accent) America would not exist without help from france
American: no we had it from there appreciate the help though

French guy:(same accent) America is garbage! they are all lowlifes compared to france
American: well you should thank those lowlifes who are now buried in Normandy to free you from hitler shitface.
#france #america #dday #soldiers #bad accent
by xtremlylucky January 30, 2011
a middle class neighborhood in Brooklyn. middle class and ethnically diverse. mostly Irish, Italian, and Norwegian it has experienced an influx of Arabs on 5th and 69th and the surrounding area. the area is known as little mecca. arabs are not bad people in general but the ones there make the neighborhood look bad acting like puerto rican gangstas and roaming in groups picking on people that don't have the numbers or size to fight back. Shore Road is the richest part of the area, along the water and the Shore Promenade. A family oriented area, it has experienced crime rates rise in recent years. Land of bars and churches.
Where you from?

I'm a Bay Ridge Kid

You wanna go to the movies in Bay Ridge?
No I don't want to go to Little Mecca

Know the nicest place in Brooklyn? Yeah Bay Ridge
#brooklyn #bay ridge #flatbush #bars #diverse
by xtremlylucky December 27, 2010
I've read some of the definitions and they are complete bullshit. 1st of, Brooklyn in not 99.9% black and the rest aren't rich russian kids or italians(there are some). its not all ghettos you fucking retards. not everyone is part of a mafia or acts like they are. and not all white kids are wiggers. nationally and internationally known, its a great place to live and i wouldn't want to live anywhere else. diverse place with every race and culture on the planet somewhere in it. don't act you know brooklyn unless you've actually been here.
A: brooklyn is such a shithole, its all balck people trying to kill each other and the rest in white people in with the mob
B: you are fucking retarded, obviously you hae never been there and you're just going off some fucking shit you've heard about it. get out of the fucking midwest and come here
#brooklyn #awesome #diverse #fuck you #home
by xtremlylucky April 19, 2011
S- sorry
H- honey
I- Its

T- Thursday
#shit #tgif #sorry #thursday #honey
by xtremlylucky January 30, 2011
The Hog. The greates o-lineman in the history of the NFL. A real man, fighting in the trenches. At 6'2", he was small for a guard, but he proved that size doesn't matter. He is a member of the Hall of Fame
show me a real man?
John Hannah, the hog
#hog #o-line #fighter #mean #physical
by xtremlylucky December 27, 2010
people living in America that have Irish ancestry. We are plastic paddies because many of us have a mix of heritages. Still we are proud that we are part Irish. If the people in Ireland won't accept the fact that we are proud then they can look and see that America has more people claiming to be Irish than Ireland has people.
IA: I'm Irish American
IM: You fucking Plastic Paddy
IA: You mind saying that to 30 million others of us?
#irish #american #plastic #paddy #fuckoff
by xtremlylucky February 23, 2011
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