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Jealous. As used by Megan Fox in the movie Jennifer's Body.
"You're just lime green jello!"
by xtankgirlx October 31, 2009
Smoking weed.
"I heard you and Kate were playing boggle last night"
by xtankgirlx December 07, 2009
1. Another word for penis.

2. A general insult
1. ....so she stuck her hand down his pants and whipped out his jerkstick in front of everyone.

2. Kayla: No, I'm not going
Karl: why not!?
Kayla: I have shit to do
Karl: Please!?
Kayla: FUCK NO!!!
by xtankgirlx October 10, 2009
Sorry. I can't go. I have Death Rehearsal tonight.
by xtankgirlx March 27, 2011
An underage scene queen. Often Jailbait. Called skittles because they're small and their clothes are very colorful.
Check out the look on Josh's face! Those skittles are all over him and they're like 10 years younger than him!!!
by xtankgirlx October 15, 2009

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