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A woman, who rather than getting a job producing money, produces children, locking her poor husband into unending debt and misery. Normally seen in the wild at shopping malls, starbucks, or driving in her oversized SUV guzzling gas and polluting the environment with more children and an ever expanding carbon footprint.
The working vagina's are out in force on black friday.
by xraybravo January 28, 2009
An unwritten/unspoken law (code) between friends.
Due to The Homie Code Jesse was Unable to make advances on Steve's sister.
by xraybravo January 28, 2009
Habitual Vehicular Stupidity or HVS is the scourge that infects over 3/4 of American's once they sit behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. It's easy to spot a person suffering from HVS, They're the idiot in front of you!
this moron doing 45 in a 65 is suffering from HVS.
by xraybravo June 10, 2009
The Act of driving/walking/skating etc. through a campus, apartments, or business district searching for unsecured wifi connections to connect/download from.
I went down the street Connection Bouncing from one wifi hotspot to the next.
by xraybravo January 28, 2009
The act of attempting to open a car door before the doors have been unlocked.
"Wait for me to open the doors, you've caused a premature ejection"
by xraybravo January 27, 2009

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