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2 definitions by xoxotheraxoxo

when you're making out with somebody so hard that your literally sucking their face.

guy 1: ew. they're sucking face.
guy 2: yeah, they must really like eachother.
guy 1: no way. its just really fun.
guy 3: yeah. sucking face rocks fucking shit man!!
by xoxotheraxoxo July 20, 2008
a torturous instrument that your parents make you play.

its made of metal, silver if ur a richypants.

it has way too many keys to count and squeaks if you suck at playing it.

beware the wrath of flute!
guy 1:man i had to practice for forever yesterday.

guy 2:haha. your mom made u do a flute.
by xoxotheraxoxo July 20, 2008