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The proper use of the "&&" is in continuation of a previous statement. The trendy kids tend to misuse this punctuation by throwing it in everywhere. It should not be used every time one uses an ampersand. It's really something which can be used more to reply to something someone else said.
example a).
"last night we saw a movie
&& picnic-k-ed in the park."

example b).
alice: "& tonight everyone knew
something was off --
tall kid giggled about getting drunk..."

nikki: "everything is always off.
& everyone knows it.
&& getting drunk isn't funny.
(okay, well, sometimes...)"
by xoxo987 August 21, 2006
a word combining the words "poet" and "potential." it literally translates to the potential to be a poet or for a piece to be considered poetry. i first used it in a piece i wrote a year or so ago and have since been using it mostly in responses to applications in a journal community.
it's tough to say. it's always tough to say, most of the time. everyone's got "poetential." well, almost everyone.
by xoxo987 April 26, 2007

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