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A group of diverse(only because josh is black), close friends from the Midwest(welllll....EL), whom have created a gay family "unit" based on lying, cheating, boning (eachother), fake and no respect, and trying to act the exact same. ( and with cheap clothes i.e. legit group homosexuality ). Of which most of the group activities consist of mass consumption of skeet, from watching Barely Legal, and imagining eachother's buttholes. They need to lose their egos and GROW.

ohhh those assholes?the FAM?
whats the FAM doing tonight? ....probably sitting in the junior lot trying to find something to do.

the fam is trying to "bangout" tonight?what the hell is that...

did you hear that the FAM is doing something called freshmen friday?...?wtf...?is that what they call raping slutty freshmen on fridays?
by xoxo biotchess February 09, 2011

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