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used to laugh at something bad that has happened to someone else. this originates from the Simpsons' Nelson, who's main deal is to go "HEH HEH!" it is cruel, but can be used in a classy manner if used toward something not THAT heinous.
said as: "HEH HEH" "MEH HEH" or even a single "HEH!"

Felicity: I hate you, so MEWR HEWR!
June: But, guys? . . .
Felicity: Bye... (everyone walks off)
by xofu April 07, 2008
The stickiness found in laundromats. No one really knows, but it perhaps is a mix of laundry soap, dryer sheet remnant, dust, small human skin particles, etc. "DON'T TOUCH IT: IT'S EVIL!"
Xofu walks into laundromat with Jax. The mission is to do laundry (didn't see that coming) - - While there, they find the dreaded laundromat slime on the washing machines and even some of the dryers. (Haven't you experienced something grossly similar?!)
by xofu April 10, 2008
good-weird, fun, out-there
Z: D, you're gweird!
D: Aw, thanks Z, you're pretty gweird yourself!
by xofu April 07, 2008
bad-weird, creepy, not-cool
Z: Hey D, Alex is bweird!
D: Yeah Z, that's bad weird. . . fuckin bweird!
by xofu April 07, 2008

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