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The phrase used by help desk, retail, and other customer service workers all across America when they'd like to tell the person they are speaking to to sit on a large object and spin, but enjoy maintaining an income.
Customer: I can't get onto the internet.
Help Desk: Okay, can you please check to make sure the cables are securely connected from the wall to the modem?
Customer: I can't see.
Help Desk: Why not.
Custoemr: The power is off.
Help Desk: Oh, unfortunately, you're not going to be able to connect while the power is out. Call back if you need anything. Have a nice day.
by Xodusprime March 18, 2008
To get in an unnecessary line because you think you are supposed to. Most often at the entrances to concerts or other events, when there are several lines and it is difficult to discern which one is needed.
Person: "I stood in line for tickets for an hour, only to find out that I was in the line for people that already had tickets. I had to get in the ticket line, then go to the back of the line I was just in. The lemming effect strikes again."
by xodusprime July 17, 2008

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