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someone who receives several hugs wherever, whenever, and from whomever.
Alex is such a hug whore.
by xnofy April 28, 2010
The act of over drinking during the day time and rolling over ones laptop with their face.
"Holly shit, did you see Sally yesterday."
"She kaoed the shit out of laptop tryna visit facebook"
by xnofy April 23, 2010
When your life fluctuates between weird to fucked up to lost and everything in between.
"Is she drunk? "
"Why else would someone play air guitar for half an hour straight?"
"Dude this is a pretty plaper situation we've got on our hands."
by xnofy May 06, 2010
Massive Anal Injection Knock Out; that which usually occurs after getting too fuckin' drunk at a party and by morning the only hint is a huge pain in the ass.
"Yeah, from the way she walks you can tell she got maikoed last night"
by xnofy April 24, 2010
Bitchy Ass Object; one who behaves or condones actions which could classify them as a bitch.
"Why do you have to be such a BAO."
by xnofy April 24, 2010
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