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the agonizing pain when a guy is fuckin a girl on the beach and takes his cock out dips his cok into the sand and re inserts it in the girl
nacy: i got a yeast infection from when dave gave me a russian seagull
by xman13 February 02, 2010
the sexual act of 2 guys jackin each other off with no hands. one uncircumcised guy puts his forskin over the head of an circumcised guys cock than motion back and forth, hence jackin each other off with out hands
gay guy 1: dude we got to hold hands since we were dawking last nite
by xman13 February 02, 2010
where one guy nuts in another guys ass than slurps it out with a straw
gay guy1: my mouth tastes funny

gay guy2:thats cuz you were scrimping all night again we're you?
by xman13 February 02, 2010

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