2 definitions by xlosergrrlx

1. A guy who has the potential to be decent guy, but instead wastes his life on becoming an asshole.

2. A guy who finds enjoyment is playing with a girl's feelings.

Pif and Alex are assmen. Why? because cheri said so.

We hate them assmen, its bad for the cake! -Martha Stewart
by xlosergrrlx June 05, 2003
A guy who is... to say, an asshole. Yet he is not your ordinary asshole. He actually has the potential to be a decent guy. He just throws it all away on sex, drugs, horniness, ect. He also seems so find pleasure in breaking hearts.
Pif is an assman because he jerks off to old ladies.

Alex is an assman because Cheri said so.

by xlosergrrlx June 05, 2003

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