1 definition by xjrb09

A Banh-rab is an Arab who resides in and/or has been influenced by Cajun culture, primarily the Cajun dialect.

"Banh" is a phonetic spelling of a common sound uttered by Cajuns before expressing an explanation or reaction during a spoken conversation.
"Did you see dem Banh-rabs at dat crawfish boil, dare? Dem bahn-rabs was suckin da heads off dem mudbugs!"

(Did you see those Arab-Cajuns at the crawfish boil we had? Those Arab-Cajuns were really enjoying the crawfish there.)


"Dass da LASS toime I get gas by dem Banh-rabs, dass a rip-off, yah!"

(That is the last time I purchase gasoline for my automobile from an Arab-owned gas station in southern Louisiana, their prices are a rip off!)
by xjrb09 July 13, 2009

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