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1. When the vagina gets hard,horny through sexual arousal usually by stimulation or during foreplay.

2. When a vagina gets hard/horny/aroused and it resembles a "hard taco"
1. Amber got a hard taco when she rubbed up against Daniel's leg

2. Susy got a hard taco when she kiszed Dave

3. When madison was horny, she had a hard taco
by xjaovsieer November 09, 2008
1. When the "lips" of the vagina and the "lips" of the penis meet, resembling kissing.
2. usually by rubbing or slight/partial penetration as a tease, often during or as a way of foreplay
(not full penetration).
3. Also to stimulate the clitoris before sex to give her a hard taco
1. Before he penetrated sussy, joe kiszed her to give her a preview of what's to come.

2. Susy prefers kiszing as a way of foreplay
by xjaovsieer November 09, 2008
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