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A male transexual that likes females.
Bob is a lesboman. He dresses up as a woman, and goes muff diving.
by xin May 11, 2004
Sue Wallins's favorite food.
<sue_wallins> ^^
<sue_wallins> like pipsicles!?
<sue_wallins> i luv <3 pipsicles! <egotrip> Me too.
<sue_wallins> hehehhehaewwww hee haww <sue_wallins> ^^;;
<sue_wallins> ^^ <sue_wallins> :D <sue_wallins> ^^;
by Xin April 27, 2004
a crash of light and energy into one cosmic being, or my baby "xing-xing"
Look at the stars!
by xin July 07, 2003

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