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To correctly perform the Tokyo Shuffle, one person has to put his cock between another's ass cheeks like a hotdog. The other person will squeeze (squench or squenching) the cheeks together until semen is drawn, which is then allowed to dry and is peeled off like Elmers Glue from elementary school.
Phil takes it between the cheeks
Like anal?
Na he does the tokyo shuffle

and his cock is flying free
by xhollywoodx January 10, 2006
A guy makes his pants tight so that the area above his dick if firm (usually by sitting down, you know what i mean) and then slaps it with his hand, in what would seem to be painful but is completely not.
I grundleslapped you mom last night
by xhollywoodx January 13, 2006
While I'm sure the above one is true, it is also the act of massaging a cock hotdog style with your ass cheeks

see the tokyo shuffle
We were doin the shuffle but she couldnt squench hard enough
by xhollywoodx January 10, 2006

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