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A 'swall rat' is someone who constantly is drinking alcohol, their 'swall.' A Northern Ireland slang word, used amongst younger people. When people call others a 'swall rat' it is usually taking the piss but can be used seriously. Also see 'swall demon.'
1. Oh my word, you had one beer? You swall rat!

2. She's a complete swall rat, she was just swallin' on her swall all night long.
by xhjx July 26, 2010
The word 'hockas' is a mix between the word 'hockey' and the word 'chicas' (meaning girls in spanish.) The hockey girls usually get called the hockas in a compilation of these two words.
Hockey team: Come on the hockas!

Girl one: Who you going out with tonight?
Girl two: The hockas, I'd invite you to come, but you're not a hocka.
by xhjx August 01, 2010
The word 'tenk' is an adjective coming from the word 'tank' meaning well built or 'buff.' When said the 'en' sound is drawn out.. like 'tennnnkkk.' It is usually said to take the piss out of someone who isn't 'tenk' at all.
Rugby boy #1: Oh that hockey boy is sucha tenk.
Rugby boy #2: Oh yes I hear he can bench 2kg!

Girl: I'll fight you!
Boy: Don't scare me babe, you are quite the tenk!
by xhjx August 01, 2010

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