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to laugh, like an idiot..
from the russian smekh
by xhable November 17, 2004
online christian chat rooms... for those who don't want to take the lords name in vain.. and oh yes.. they do really use it for that.. try one and ask... really
she fucking blocked me? WTF, OMFG
by xhable March 08, 2005
To talk care free like an idiot. "Hows the weather?"
an example can be sited from the film "a clockwork orange" "The Devotchka was smecking away, and not
caring about the wicked world one bit." - found when they were in the milk bar for the second time.
by xhable November 16, 2004
a term used in posh bording schools to denote sombody who is a loner.. not wanted
fucking wänted basterd
by xhable August 26, 2003
1. A transparent object, refers to 3d map generation… often used on the outside of rooms to reduce lagging as texture is not preloaded.

2. Refers to making something watertight, like in boat manufacture.

3. Spikes on a shoe.. Used in cricket etc.
calk that wall dude :-p
by Xhable June 12, 2004
meh..... heheheeh @ rhi.. she's a sexay beast
meh?.............. oh meh.. meh.. .meh?.. yeah meh.. okay... meh.. meh...
by Xhable January 08, 2004
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