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1. a very large douche bag (bag of douche), hence "industrial"

2. Someone who is an idiot, or really lame.

3. Used as a diss
my brother is such an industrial sized bag of douche
by xenu! May 21, 2008
The huge word from the Disney movie Mary Poppins

There is no known actual definition for this word, it's just fun to say!
Mary: supercalafragalisticexpialladocious ... even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious!
by xenu! May 24, 2008

instead of calling someone just being a plain ol' bag of douche OR douche bag, they kick it up a notch by large sizing it.

You call someone this when they are of annoyance to you, or just plain retarded in general.

see also: douche bag, industrial

synonym(s): lame, stupid, moron
Kari: You know Mary? I can't believe what a big douche bag she has been since she's been dating Darby!

Alex: no no! she's being an industrial sized bag of douche!!

Kari: ooh!
by xenu! May 24, 2008
more shitty than normal

usually said in some form of jamaican accent "bonk-a-donk"

synonyms: thats really shitty

see also: bunk
Gary: you know that chick Taylor i was trying to hook up with?
Geoff: yeah?
Gary: well turns out shes a lesbian who is into chess
Geoff: chess? that's bunkadunk!
by xenu! May 21, 2008
Fraser Lake Camp

An awesomely awesome overnight summer camp in beautiful Bancroft, Ontario, Canada. (Near Muskoka)

Run by a not-for profit organization that helps get's kids out of the city and into the great outdoors.
Kelly: Hey I just got back from FLC.
Meg: Oh really? I was a camper there 3 years ago!
Kelly: No way!!
Meg: Yeah you should go check out their website, we should both sign up for next summer!

by xenu! May 24, 2008
poses complete and/or utter disbelief

Synonym: are you kidding me

-is usually repeated a few times to show the disbelief of said person
Julia: Yo man, Denise had sex on her rag and tossed some guys salad last night

Amber: omg...real?!?!
by xenu! May 21, 2008

1. means to "toss the salad"; has tossed the salad; tosses the salad (eat asshole.)

2. Used as a diss

that moron is such a tosser.
by xenu! May 21, 2008
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