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3 definitions by xctinax

Asperger's Syndrome is at this time an incurable condition, which occurs mainly in males, although females can inheret this disorder. Asperger's is on the ASD (Autistic Spectrum disorder). It is therefore linked With Autism. Those who suffer with autism, are on the higher end of the autistic Spectrum, whereas those with Asperger's tend to be on the milder end of the scale. The main difficulty people find with having Asperger's is social interaction with others. Asperger's cannot be defined by one set of Characteristics, because those with AS, don't have exactly the same difficulties that another individual with Asperger's may have.

Common characteristics those with Asperger's tend to display are... difficulties with eye contact, difficulty empathizing with others, Obsessive Complusive Behaviour and feeling uncomfortable standing out from the crowd. There are many more symptoms which can be part of this condition.

Other Terminology used for Asperger's Syndrome are: AS. Aspie, Asperger's, Autism, mild autism, Asperger's Disorder.

There are often misconceptions about Asperger's and Autism. Some people who are narrow minded, describe autism/AS as a "teenage phase" or an "excuse for being a loner" However these descriptions are inaccurate. Asperger's was discovered by Hans Asperger, a psychiatric doctor in 1944. This condition is not an excuse for having difficulty with social development. It is a real disorder, which affects individuals more than the Neurotypical person will know.
OK, so what is Asperger's Syndrome?
It is a disoder that can affect the AS individuals in different ways, dependant upon their specific diagnosis; mild to severe. A usual difficulty those with AS find is social interaction.
by xctinax December 21, 2006
Criminology branches off sociology. It is the study of crime and criminals.
"What are you studying For A levels then?"
"I am studing Criminology."
by xctinax December 21, 2006
Royston Vasey (Chubby Brown) is a blue comedian. He often to wears a red bow tie, goggles and a patch worked outfit. All his performances are aimed at adult audiences, purely because of his controversial and "rude" approach to comedy. Thus he rarely is on Television. When he first appears on the stage, the audience usually start to chant "you fat bastard!" repeatedly, where he then dances and when the crowd stop he usually says "fuck off"
An example of one of the songs Roy Chubby Brown has written and performed, was in his live tour 'King Thong' and it goes like so:

"25 Years ago on TV, there was a thing called 'I'm a celebrity' We had Fools and Horses, Emmerdale, you bet. Jordan showed her pussy on the internet. Millionaire, Eastenders and Corrie too, then the decency bill come out for comics who are blue. In 69 this fat fucker with a big belly said the 'F' word on prime time telly. This word didn't come from a good book, Chubbs just stood there and he said fuck. If you're gonna say fuck put your cards on the table, who gives a fuck if you're fucking able? We have I'm as sick as fuck, who the fuck are you? Don't fuck about. You can say it fucking too. Kiss my fucking ass, it's the fucking human race, the queen said fuck when she saw Camilla's face. Fucking asshole, fucking bastard, fucking hell, ugly fucker, now we're all fucking fucking you can tell. Fucking this and fucking that, and fucking bombastic, fuck you, fuck me, fan-fucking-tastic. Oh you fiddling fucker well you just fucked up, fuck a duck..did you say something? Yeah fucking look, Oh fuck face.. what? You're a fucking queer, another way to say fuck is get the fuck out of here. Fuck back don't fuck a big fat tart, she's fuckable aye, like a fucking wet fart. That fucking bastards never been fucked or sucked. Another way to say fuck is here a fuck, there a fuck, everywhere a fuck fuck. Hang on..they're not dancing...turn the fucking music off."
by xctinax December 30, 2006