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Abbriviation of the term Scene Queen.
Jack: Can I play that show?
Caitlin: Go ask Sara, she's the sq around here.
by xcaitiexchaosx November 07, 2006
the act of snatching a girls pony tail very hard and quickly, as if to give her whiplash or snatch her bald.
"Talking about my man? I'm gonna pony whip that whore!"
by xcaitiexchaosx November 10, 2006
Basically, the life and fire of whatever scene she's into. The small, close-knit world of emo, screamo, hardxcore, punk, or whatever scene she is into follow her like a deity. She is god, she is the Virgin Mary.

There are a few ways to spot a scene queen, even if you arn't in her crew.

~Everyone's "I'm so scene" story involves her in some way. (i.e. "O-m-g, we were all slam dancing at this show last weekend and (insert SQ's name here) was like...")

~ She has an Armanda of people around her at all times (a lot of the time, she actually hates a lot of these people)

~She has a photography group, band, zine, newspaper, clothing line, or some other creative outlet. Moreover, unlike everyone else's in that scene, her's is actually good/popular.

~She is actually comfortable with herself. Most of the wannabee SQ's will be total bitches just to try to get closer to her or fool people into thinking they are important, but she reigns all. She is comfortable with herself and gives an air of it.
Jackson: Think we can book that place?
Caitlin: I dont know, if the SQ okays it.
Jackson: The who?
Caitlin: The scene queen. God, be more scene Jack.

by xcaitieXchaosx November 05, 2006
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