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Waiting till the last possible minute to bid on a desired ebay item, in hopes that you will not drive the biding price through the roof. More often than not, the bidder gets the ebay jeebies or ebayphoria.
Man, I was ebay camping the other day and I snagged a your mom for $7.43!! The shipping & handling was $45 though...

I was sure I'd win the auction. I was getting the ebay jeebies and out of nowhere came another ebay camper... and now I don't have Britney Spears's half-eaten sandwich...
by xbustacap March 18, 2007
When a person is so broke that they resort to spending their 2 dollar bills. Most people avoid spending 2 dollar bills because of the rarity of these bills or because of a superstitious notion.
My uncle filed for bankruptcy right after he started dipping into the 2 dollar fund.

That guy must be broke, hes dipping into the 2 dollar fund to pay for that bag of chips.

Jim: Hey man, can you let me borrow some cash? I don't want to dip into the 2 dollar fund.
Stan: Sure, I hear ya. Neither would I!
by xbustacap March 18, 2007

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