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The act of a female giving anal sex to a male using a strap-on. Some couples enjoy the power reversal of this and some guys simply just like it up the arse. For pegging and other adult sex see www.winedine69.co.uk
In a recent film, a man said to a woman that he wanted to give her anal sex. She didn't like the idea but agreed to do it as long as he was prepared for her to do some pegging and therefore to fuck him using a strap on. Reluctantly, he agreed!
by xbob November 14, 2010
WineDine69 is an evening of wine and dinner followed by intimacy. In other words a perfect date. Taken literally, it would mean going on a date where two people would enjoy a lovely dinner in a cosy or plush restaurant, together with wine or champagne, flirt throughout the evening, and then enjoy indulging in a sixty-nine position. Hence the name WineDine69 meaning exactly that - wine, dine and then 69!
People enjoy getting on well on a night out where the chemistry is sparkling, the wine is flowing and the flirting is magical. Many meet others online for exactly such evenings for example at www.winedine69.co.uk which is a very appropriate name for the definition given above!
by xbob May 09, 2009

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