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A nuclear weapon consists of a missile, rocket, bomb or artillery shell armed with a nuclear warhead.

When the warhead is detinated, nuclear atoms are split causing nuclear fusion.
Here is the chemical formula according to nuclearweaponarchive.org:
D + T -> He-4 (3.5 MeV) + n (14.1 MeV)

The first nuclear bombs where used on August 6, 1945. The united states droped two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Here is some information on the first 2 used nuclear bombs

A nuclear weapon of the "Fat Man" type, the plutonium implosion type detonated over Nagasaki. 60 inches in diameter and 128 inches long, the weapon weighed about 10,000 pounds and had a yield approximating 21,000 tons of high explosives (Copy from U.S. National Archives, RG 77-AEC)

A nuclear weapon of the "Little Boy" type, the uranium gun-type detonated over Hiroshima. It is 28 inches in diameter and 120 inches long. "Little Boy" weighed about 9,000 pounds and had a yield approximating 15,000 tons of high explosives. (Copy from U.S. National Archives, RG 77-AEC

There are some highly uneducated information on the production and use of nuclear weapons throughout the web, such as people being able to build a operational nuclear weapon in there garage, this is not true due to the exact to-the-point conditions and enviroment needed to produce a nuclear weapon. The neds are so precise that labs are made just for the purpose of making another lab cabable to produce a nuclear weapon. Another misconception is about The war in Iran and the reasons President Bush decided to invade. There was more then just Nuclear Weapons, we invaded because Hussan said he had W.M.D.'s which is not jsut limited to Nuclear Weapons. Hussan also supported and funded al kida,the terrorist group that claimed responsibility for 9/11.
Wow,Nuclear Weapons can wipe out whole cities!

People need to know more about nuclear weapons before they poing fingers at George Bush
by xbibbyx April 09, 2008

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