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1 definition by xbar

women who's idea of sexual satisfaction does not include penile penetration as an essential aspect of sexual activity. Terms like pricktease are the product of a double sexual standard that insists upon women being sexually attractive and available to men while remaining chaste virgins. Under the double standard, a woman is damned if she does (slut, whore, tart, hussy, je-zebel, bunny, wench, tramp, etc.) and damned if she doesn't (prick tease, prude, jilt, vamp, coquette, etc.).

No term today exists for the male who leads a woman to expect sexual satisfaction but fails to satisfy her.
prick tease is the term for a woman who "displays affection and sexual interest in a male, assumes sexually inviting postures, speaks intimately, allows petting or necking and perhaps indulges in sexual foreplay, but does not allow coitus or satisfy the male".

A prick tease is the way a female can get satisfaction while at the same time reducing chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.
by xbar April 02, 2007
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