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1- one of the nicest persons I know... Special, interesting, different and sweet as heaven!

2- adj. good friend
1- Unpredictable

2- Thanx! you're such a Lagu!
by xaxa May 07, 2004
from spanish, "Menuda Gran Mierda Que Estoy Hecha". It means "What a big shit I am being"
when you feel terrible and wanna die
by xaxa May 07, 2004
There is a province in the north of Spain called "Euskadi" where they use "Maite Zaitut" to say "I love you so much, you're special". Sweet...
Darling... I wanted to tell you something but I can't find the words... just... "Maite Zaitut"!!
Boys... you should write it down... ;p
by xaxa May 07, 2004
it's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right... Someone called me his "xaxa"... to show his own feeling about me... really sweet of him, by the way... Xaxa is an special kind of love and friendship... but no one will never find the meaning... My spanish boyfriend... thankes.
sei la mia xaxa
eres mi xaxa
tu est ma xaxa
you are my xaxa
"xaxa"... the end of a phrase
by xaxa May 06, 2004

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