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-a person who preps hate
-They dress how they feel like dressing
-They are cooler than preps ((by my opinion))
-gothic people are actually fun to hang out with
-gothic guys can be more sensative than they appear to be
-they are usually judged on how they look
-i think criss angel is gothic or somewhat. but who cares?? hes a cool person, he does magic tricks better than anyone else, and he is extermly good-looking.. oh and not to forget. he has his own show called "MINDFREAK" its awesome!
-i dont think criss angel has much to do with this!! :)
prep girl- OMG like look at that gothic girl!
2nd prep girl- yeah,like she must be like a bad person
gothic girl- fuck you.
prep girl-OMG whatever!!
2nd prep girl- ewwww like she is so mean
prep girl- yeah, i like know
gothic girl-*looks at the stupid preps*
both prep girls-*glance at the gothic girl and then walk quickly away as they grab their cell phones and call jared and rupbert, the boys who tie their yellow sweaters around their necks and wear short shorts and polos*
by xanotherxgirlxwhoxhatesxyoux July 12, 2006

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