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with laundromat you can get your clothes clean;

it is important that you choose your laundromat carefully especially if you are going to wash sth valuable; in a good laundromat, for example, you can adjust the speed of washing (in case of delicate stuff you should rather use low speed: then it will not be damaged and still clean eventually)
Look there, I really like this laundromat! Let's go for it: it looks like the quality is high and it has many functions.
#water #choice #functions #paradiso #dance
by xalena September 22, 2006
an entrance to paradise; even though difficult for the first time but unforgettable
how about doing paradiso again?
#paradise #love #home #five #mexican standoff
by xalena September 21, 2006
1. the general rule of the living world; we are all in the recycling process and it concerns everything: from simple food and multiplication chain to information exchange and art

2. can be used also for all the actions you undertake to achieve your aim, for example, dating the object of your dreams
1. through recycling one can get into rectyfication and realization

2. wow, this recycling lasts really long but finally it seems that we are in the same loop!
#spin cycle #poetry #mexican standoff #home #paradise
by xalena September 22, 2006
a good moment to start sth, for example make an important phonecall you wanted to make already for a while but you did not dare
Well, then, I will do that on Monday morning!
#begin #sell #talk #personal #communication #move units
by xalena September 23, 2006
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